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Ryan Adams

Check out this show from the “Live on Letterman Concert Series.” Amazing stuff.

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Often times, I enter worship on the weekends very worn out. Usually because it’s the end of a long week of exhaustion and frustration (not always). But, if I am going to be completely honest, the last thing I want to do is play a service on a Saturday evening after I have been relaxing all day. It’s a challenge and I am working on it.

However, I think that it is key to remember the reason why we worship, and why I play on a team that leads people to a place of worship and communication with God. I think that often times musicians of a worship team can be mushed in to the mundaneness of playing the same song several times a weekend or over the course of a month. I’ve been there many times, and it is a tough spot to be in spiritually. You feel as if your spiritual cup has run dry. This week though we learned of a specific situation in someone’s life, someone that simply needed to words to the songs we were leading and instantly the meanings of the songs, the words, took on a new sort of existence within the context of the service. As a leader I sort of take on the responsibility of wanting and letting God lead me and my gifts to use in his house, to open the spiritual doors of those in the congregation. It may be a lofty and self-centered view, but I feel that God uses worship leaders and teams as a gateway for him to communicate to his worshippers. 

God doesn’t always need a supercharged, dynamic production of worship; he doesn’t need a wordy, poetic song to change lives. God just wants us, he wants our hearts; sometimes all it takes is saying “I surrender all” and that is all God wants to hear. As a leader I feel that sometimes I just need to slow down and let God move through the song, through the simple rhythm or chord, and let the words of the song move and take on their own meaning specific to the moment; I need to lay down my week before him and let him regenerate my spirit. 

just a thought I had from this morning at church, not very organized, just something that was in my thoughts.

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Thoughts on Sabres

I don’t really ever post text regarding hockey, even though I am a huge hockey fan. However, I want to dig a little deeper in my writing, and incorporate more sports “talk” in my blog. The Sabres this season have been very uninteresting; most of the time their play has been uninspiring and emotionless. They are a vanilla team at best with nothing to write home about save Thomas Vanek, and Brayden McNabb. Defensively they have been a wreck as each player plays as if their zone is a dark room and they are just feeling their way out to the light. They blue line is still very young and I can see them getting under control and learning how to lock down leads. However, a lot of the defensive problems are because of forwards, not back-checking, forwards caught with their heads on another planet while teams simply pass and skate all over them. For several years, the forward play has struggles with inconsistency. The Sabres forwards could go 5 games where they only score 6 or 7 goals throughout the stretch, a sign of a weak, mentally fragile team. Every team in the NHL goes through scoring droughts, but usually only lasts a couple games, not 5 or six. The Sabres often look so uninterested in putting a killer instinct on the puck before they shoot, they often just take shots for the sake of taking shots it seems, with no real passion in driving the net and making sure the puck hits the back of that net, every time they take a shot. We have young players like Adam, Kassian, Ennis, Gerbe, and they will learn to be more consistent as they grow, but what concerns me as a fan is that the players we have ahead of them such as Roy, Stafford, Gaustad, do not have what it takes to mentor and guide these younger players. Three players that show up when they want to, three players who have been in this system for their entire pro career. These guys know Lindy’s system, they definitely have skill and know how to play, but what I see is a weak attitude that often is contagious of the entire team. Luke Adam has 10 goals 20 pts, as a rookie, while Drew Stafford coming off of a 30 goal year (which he was on a pace for well into the 40’s in goals, but was injured) has 6 goals. When Drew Stafford “shows up” he can be the most dominant forward on the ice but most of his career we have been waiting for that Drew Stafford to manifest his skills on the ice. Derek Roy is the same story, a guy who easily could be an 80 pt per year center, has yet to show us that. Only once has he hit 80 points, heck I would even take 70 out of him but he is on pace for his lowest 50 points. For a guy who has been with the organization 10 years and is in his 8th year pro he should be “figuring things out” by now. While the team has been decimated by injuries this season, Roy and Stafford have remained healthy but have yet to step up and contribute to help the team get through these injuries. Lindy has been forced to rely on younger players as these two seem to not take leadership seriously. Thomas Vanek spent a few weeks playing injured and still managed to put together a nice point streak, while we wait for Roy and Stafford to show up on the ice. This is the team Darcy built, He still seems to refuse to pull the trigger on moving players, he seems to always hope for more rather than excepting his mistakes and whats in front of him, and trying to improve. This team will never win with its current “core” excluding Vanek and Pominville. For now, for another season, we accept mediocrity and a “good enough” attitude in Buffalo. So, in the mean time, Sabres fans can watch other teams make the league interesting, rather than your own.

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Northgate Worship

Northgate will now be streaming worship videos along with weekly sermons!

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How Much Would You Give?

Today (easter) is always a day that I anticipate and await each year.  The church that I attend always puts a lot of preparation into this week, while always expecting God to “show up”  (I know that phrase seems to carry a sense of sarcasm, but I assure you it doesn’t and you will see my point later in this post).  Every year, Gods presence is felt and big things happen.  We have had our largest attendance this weekend at over 1300 people walked through the doors of Northgate and were present to receive what God had planned for them. It was an exciting weekend, and being a part of the worship team, I could feel the energy and movement of God within the church during our time of worship.

Obviously, this holiday is one of great significance and should always be remembered.  However, I feel as though people are beginning to treat our faith in Jesus Christ as a sort of trend.  I know that these statements may cause me to walk on a thin line or tight rope, but I feel that this is a problem that we are on the cusp of facing, and I want to speak my thoughts so that we can be aware, and guard ourselves from living for the wrong reasons.  

Gods love is nothing that should be taken lightly.  It is personal, it is real, it gives us hope and it sustains us.  It is easy for us to say that we believe, and that we recognize the stories of Jesus within the bible, and the descriptions and poetry of his death and resurrection.  However, I feel far to many people allow the story to remain a story when in fact, the word of God is alive, and should be treated so.   We need to fully embrace the truth of God and the grace that he has shown and allow it to resonate throughout our lives so that others may understand and see the light.  

God gave his son; Jesus gave his own life; how much would you give in order to show the world the hope of God’s love?  Be true to who God wants you to be. We need to be the ones that “Show Up” in order show others the way.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Spring; Rebirth, Revitalize, Renew

Today’s sunny weather has engaged that little mechanism in my heart and mind that causes me to desire the spring weather.   I am not one to complain about the weather or season because I always seem to find a reason to enjoy each particular season.  Each are distinctly different and carry their own individual experiences and feelings.  However, Spring is a chance for start over.  Spring marks the restoration point in nature.  The leaves begin to blossom; the air begins to clear; the birds return to rebuild their nests and reclaim their air space.

Spring is the season of a fresh slate. I am looking forward to a chance to reset and experience great things this summer.  I have a feeling that this spring/summer will be one of the best and most important I have experienced.  I have friends that will be getting married, I have life decisions to make, I have songs to be written, Food to be prepared, Ones to be had!  I am very excited for the refreshment Spring will bring.  I promise to myself to make the coming seasons memorable!

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One of the best shows I have ever played!

One of the best shows I have ever played!

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Lift Your Head High.

Yesterday’s USA vs. Canada game was incredible!  The result was very hard for me to accept as I put all of my emotion and energy into the US team.  I love every single player on this team.  I believed in this team, but found myself very unhappy in the end.

The one redeeming moment from that game was at the end, during the handshake, as Miller and Lindy Ruff met and embraced each other with a hug and some words from a coach; it seemed almost like one of those “father-son” moments.  I guess that Lindy said something to the effect of “I’m very proud of you.”

I have to agree with Lindy on that.  Despite the loss in Overtime, I remain amazed and very proud of my goalie, Ryan Miller.  He played lights out all tournament long and deserved to be named the MVP of that tournament.  I am proud of my country’s team for proving most people wrong.  Miller will have revenge on Sidney Crosby, and it will be sweet!

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Miller's mask a tribute to past

This article is awesome!  Every hockey fan will appreciate it… AMERICAN hockey fan that is :)

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This is our goalie!  This save literally makes me emotional.  Lets go USA!

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